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Stop and Pose
You can Pay off your
TriPollar Stop™ or TriPollar Pose™ System in
3 Easy Instalments

To help you start looking younger sooner, the TriPollar Stop™ and TriPollar Pose™ systems can be purchased on an easy 3 PAYMENT INSTALMENT PLAN. 

This offer is valid on both the TriPollar Stop™ and TriPollar Pose™ systems purchased through

The total purchase price including shipping and handling charges are payable in three equal instalments – first
payment on the day of order, second payment on day 30, and final payment on day 60.

Simply select the payment option, when you are finalising your shopping cart purchase.

Click here to begin your journey today! It is that simple!

  Tripollar Stop and Tripollar Pose 3 Easy Instalments

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